Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY project: One man's junk is another's treasure

Last summer while walking with our friend Diane, we came across a box of glass jars that was marked "free." I immediately squealed with joy as thoughts of using those jars came to mind; Scott looked at me with his "are you sure?" look. I happily grabbed up the box and carried it back to Diane's. Now I will have to say it's been over a year since my great find but I have finally come up with a wonderful idea on how to use them.

We have made decisions on the rehearsal dinner-location, colors, invites, decor, etc. and it's been as equally fun to plan as the main reception. I wanted to paint the glass jars and use them for the centerpieces to hold flowers. So I had some spare time on Saturday and thought I would run to Lowe's to pick up the paint. I took one of the lanterns that we will be using for decor to match the paint. I get to the paint section and I am looking for the right color. One color too light, one color too dark, and the color that is in between that might be the exact one is gone. I asked the guy if he had anymore and he said no but that the other Lowe's across town had some. I gladly drove across town only to find out that that store was out too! Sigh----guess the same person that bought out both stores really needed a TON of teal spray paint! Geez...nothing is ever as simple as how think it will go in my head. ; ) (just ask Scott) After two strikes, I made my way to Home Depot (should have gone there first anyways). I walked right in, found my exact color (perfect match), and was out of the store in 3 minutes! Below is the project with pictures.....

My awesome find!

First, I washed them really well and let them dry.

I sprayed them and was amazed how well they covered!

Finished project-the sun is actually shining bright so they look more blue than what they actually are.

A small mock up of what I am envisioning. We are doing teal and white for our colors and will have white linens, the teal jars with white flowers and small votives of candles in between.

My Mom has a ton of old jars and she will be helping by painting the jars she has the same way. Thanks Mom! I will share more details as it gets closer and the invites are designed and made! : )
Amanda + Scott

Catching up

So I must apologize for our absence in the blogging world! : ( We have been busy and have been making progress on the details of the wedding though along with having some fun! In May, Scott's roommate from college, John and his girlfriend came out to visit from Minnesota. It was great getting to meet them before the wedding and we even made a quick trip to Vancouver too. In early June, Scott and I traveled to Texas for my bridal shower and some serious wedding planning. Actually serious is not even the right word, what's more serious than serious? Because we dominated the wedding to do list while we there. It was a blast, alot of fun, and very tiring to say the least!

More updates to follow soon.....

Amanda + Scott

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 months and counting....

Last Thursday we officially hit the 6 month marker! : )

It was a bit of a wakeup call. Since Scott proposed in the fall, and we always wanted to get married in the fall, we had two choices. Either get married in fifteen months, or get married in five weeks.

We think we picked the smarter option.

After nine months of waiting, planning, waiting, planning, and planning some more, we have less than half a year before we're officially wed.

Not that we've been lazing around for the last nine months. We've booked our enviable photographer, our fabulous florist, our famous venue and our dramatic DJ. We've sent save-the-dates, arranged guest lists, and planned the honeymoon. We've been very busy.

Still, we haven't had the chance to introduce you to our vendors yet. When the special day comes, they'll be the ones in the background, making it special, so we owe them a little thanks and a lot of praise.

So over the next few weeks, we'll introduce you to our vendors, who also happen to be our friends. If you're getting married, or if you just happen to need excellent pictures, flowers, or a really good dance track, they'll probably be able to help. They're very brilliant like that.

Amanda + Scott

Friday, April 29, 2011

Four Christmases

If you have seen the movie, MISTLETOE! It's great and very funny, however, the movie is not what I am going to write about. In some sort of way, I will get to have four Christmases soon.

I have been using the power of online purchasing like crazy! The internet has vastly opened the selections for people. Just think about it-back in the 1950's brides would only be able to buy items that were primarily local. How cool is it that a modern day bride can purchase items from around the world from the comfort of pj's at home? Thank you internet!! : )

I have successfully bought my wedding shoes, rhinestone wedding shoe clips, my bridal headpiece, and a marriage book within the past few weeks. Each of these things should start arriving anytime now and I have to admit, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve night!

I won't share the details of the wedding day attire but I will share this amazing book that was recommended by Chad, my previous Youth Minister, who will be performing the ceremony.

It's called Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. And you can check it out here. We are really looking forward to reading and studying through the book.

Alright it's time to end this blog: MISTLETOE!

Amanda + Scott

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Date Night=Unusal Wedding Purchase

To start this story, we need to go back to Sunday....

Sunday: 9pm
I signed into our registry to Macy's just to make sure everything was good to go and noticed that our bedding was being discontinued. Now, I realize we registered quite early and some things make be discontinued and we won't get-no worries. However, NOT the bedding! That was actually the first item we registered for and I remember how long it took us to find that PERFECT set that fit both of our tastes with a great mix of masculine and feminine touches. It was completely unavailable-no ordering online even! Don't worry, there were no bride fits at all.

Monday: 6pm
Last night, Scott decided we needed to treat ourselves to our favorite Thai restaurant that is near my apartment inside the local mall. We enjoyed dinner very much and walked around afterwards and when we say Macy's I said, "Oh, we should go in there and check it out to see if we can find another set to add to our registry." Scott shakes his head in agreement unknowingly agreeing to be a part of an adventure that we weren't aware of heading our way.

We start browsing the bedding section and find disappointment in the selections. Then we saw a clearance bin and all of a sudden the idea of the possibility of our bedding set being there hit us. We started searching through all of them, and then I turned into a shark! Seriously, I don't think I have ever moved that fast in my whole life! It was there-our perfect bedding set-just laying there screaming, "here I am!"

Isn't it great? :)
Anyways, I won't bore you with the details but we ended up getting it because it was such a great deal. Although, Scott did remind me that a wedding registry probably shouldn't be treated like a personal shopping list. But in this case, it was all right - we got the bedding we wanted and the first item off our registry! How many bride's and groom's can say that? ~A.

Amanda + Scott

Save the Date

Well I am sure by now everyone has received their Save the Date. I must say that Scott did a great job on the design of them. We had fun working on them together and getting them just the way we wanted them to look. Another thing I would like to mention is the blessing of free printing! Scott through his business contacts asked a printer to quote the job for us and instead wanted to do them as our wedding gift! Words can't describe how awesome that was! (Because they were massed produced we have 1000 of them!)

We hope you enjoyed reading our story and find the travel information helpful when you plan your trip. Only 228 days to go until we tie the knot! ~A.

Amanda + Scott

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

With this ring

We have made a game plan and have a wedding budget that is quite detailed. I have decided to let my obsession with the budget go and because of that like all brides I sleep much better.

We have done such a great job of saving for the wedding but I give that to my two things I say when I want to buy things I don't really need. 1. Do I really HAVE TO have this? and 2. It's wedding year. I can buy it in 2012! haha

However, we have started buying things for the wedding. Small things, here and there, and my poor Mother has been receiving boxes and all sorts of things from around the US. We knew early on that we wanted something different for our ring bearer pillow.

Paloma Nest is a company based out of Austin, Texas :) (woohoo) that makes really awesome customized gifts and items. I ran across the "Ring Bearer Bowl"  last year and fell in love with it!

Is this not the best?

Here's a picture of ours (not a professional one) but you get the idea.

I am so excited about using this!
Amanda + Scott