Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY project: One man's junk is another's treasure

Last summer while walking with our friend Diane, we came across a box of glass jars that was marked "free." I immediately squealed with joy as thoughts of using those jars came to mind; Scott looked at me with his "are you sure?" look. I happily grabbed up the box and carried it back to Diane's. Now I will have to say it's been over a year since my great find but I have finally come up with a wonderful idea on how to use them.

We have made decisions on the rehearsal dinner-location, colors, invites, decor, etc. and it's been as equally fun to plan as the main reception. I wanted to paint the glass jars and use them for the centerpieces to hold flowers. So I had some spare time on Saturday and thought I would run to Lowe's to pick up the paint. I took one of the lanterns that we will be using for decor to match the paint. I get to the paint section and I am looking for the right color. One color too light, one color too dark, and the color that is in between that might be the exact one is gone. I asked the guy if he had anymore and he said no but that the other Lowe's across town had some. I gladly drove across town only to find out that that store was out too! Sigh----guess the same person that bought out both stores really needed a TON of teal spray paint! Geez...nothing is ever as simple as how think it will go in my head. ; ) (just ask Scott) After two strikes, I made my way to Home Depot (should have gone there first anyways). I walked right in, found my exact color (perfect match), and was out of the store in 3 minutes! Below is the project with pictures.....

My awesome find!

First, I washed them really well and let them dry.

I sprayed them and was amazed how well they covered!

Finished project-the sun is actually shining bright so they look more blue than what they actually are.

A small mock up of what I am envisioning. We are doing teal and white for our colors and will have white linens, the teal jars with white flowers and small votives of candles in between.

My Mom has a ton of old jars and she will be helping by painting the jars she has the same way. Thanks Mom! I will share more details as it gets closer and the invites are designed and made! : )
Amanda + Scott

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